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Hiking and Tours
Terra Brasil Ecotourism
Praia da Deserta Beautiful beaches that may be small or big, calm or with strong waves good for surfing, are surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest, rich in its biodiversity, rivers and waterfalls.
Several trails cross the region, leading us to Indian settlements, fishermen villages, deserted beaches, waterfalls and river pools in the heart of the rainforest.
Trilha do Corisco
North Coast Tour - photo belvedere Casa da farinha
Tour the north coast with beautiful views, waterfalls, beaches, Serra do Mar State Park (Picinguaba Center), Manioc Flour House, Picinguaba Village and small trails in the Atlantic Forest.
Guarani Indian Settlement, Prumirim Waterfall - Prumirim Beach Click on the pictures to magnify
Take a trail in the Atlantic Forest to see the Indian Village, indigenous handicrafts, rivers and waterfalls. On the way back, visit Prumirim Beach.
Cedro Beach - Ponta do Baguari - Ponta Grossa Click on the pictures to magnify
Walk along a small road and short trail to small fishermen beaches and beautiful rocks by the coast.
Poço Da Rasa Click on the pictures to magnify
Go to the limits of Serra do Mar State Park on the Corisco trail, reaching the heart of the forest across small rivers and waterfalls to arrive in a beautiful natural river pond.
Anchieta Island State Park Click on the pictures to magnify
Take a boat ride (Schooner) to Anchieta Island State Park, old prison ruins and deserted beaches.

Tour the city of Ubatuba's main attractions including Ubatuba's Aquarium and Projeto TAMAR (sea turtle protection).
Paraty Paraty
Visit the preserved historical city of Paraty in Rio de Janeiro State, 70 km from Ubatuba.
Ubatumirim waterfalls Click on the pictures to magnify
Tour the Laje and / or Tombador waterfalls, taking short trails.
Bonete Beach Click on the pictures to magnify
Hike between the forest and the sea, through wild beaches and fishermen village.
Trindade / Cachadaço  
Tour the south Rio de Janeiro Coast amid beautiful beaches and sea ponds surrounded by rocks.
Corcovado Peak (Ubatuba). Click on the pictures to magnify
Hike the Atlantic Forest on a six to seven hour climb. The peak is 1160m high with an outstanding view of coast and mountains.
Ponta Negra Click on the pictures to magnify
On the Rio de Janeiro South Coast, hike through wild beaches, Atlantic Forest, rivers, and fishermen villages.
Joatinga Crossing Click on the pictures to magnify
Spend three days trekking through Atlantic Forest preservation areas: wild regions, deserted beaches, waterfalls, rivers and isolated fishermen villages.
Diving courses are available. Some islands and beaches provide beautiful spots for diving
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