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How to get there
  • Ubatuba is located 240 km (150 mi) from the city of São Paulo, 320 km (200 mi) from Rio de Janeiro, and 70 km (43 mi) from Paraty (Rio de Janeiro State).
  • The Ubatuba airport also provides local flights for small airplanes.
  • The best way to get there is from São Paulo.
By bus

From the São Paulo airport, take a bus to Ubatuba (9h and 18h30) or Caraguatatuba (more time-table options), there are buses every half an hour from Caraguatatuba to Ubatuba.

From São Paulo city, take a bus from Tietê bus Station.

Litorânea bus company offers service to Ubatuba

Renting a car

Take Ayrton Senna Road, Carvalho Pinto Road,Tamoios Rd (SP 99) or Oswaldo Cruz Rd - towards Litoral (Coast) Rio Santos Road (SP 55 or BR 101) - towards Ubatuba.


Rua Caixa D'Água 441 - Praia Vermelha do Centro
Ubatuba - SP - 11680-000
Phone: 55 21 12 3835-1275

Email - veetjayo@gmail.com